Sub Contract Project Reference

Company Name : Future of Kingdom Trading & Contracting Co. Limited Reference Project List(Others Project) - SUB Contract Orders Executed Data Bank of Sub Contract Orders executed from the Year 2009
No Project Name Customer(Owner) Contractor Sub-contractor Work Description Site Location Project Period
1 Steel Structural Installation at DC,Ras Tanura Saudi Aramco L&T - ATCO Executed Total Erection & Installation of Steel Structural for Development Center (1 +2 Floors), Ras Tanura with Technical Manpower and Equipments required for Mechanical Installation including 120 Tonn Crane Ras Tanura 1 Year
2 Install 4" RTR Piping at KOIM and KP6 Plants Saudi Aramco DLPS Excavated designated area for laying 4" RTR piping Lines at KOIM plant and KP6 Plant and carried out Backfilling work. Khursaniyah Gas Plant 4 Months
3 14"RTR Line Extension at K80 Saudi Aramco Hadi Al Hammam Group Extension of Existing 14" RTR line with Re-Routing and connection to Main Stream Line at Khursaniyah Gas Plant Khursaniyah Gas Plant 4 Months
4 Grading, Levelling, Compaction for MDP fields Saudi Aramco Mc Connell Dowell Carried out Grading, Levelling and Compaction works with required Equipments and Manpower at MDP for various fields Khobar 6 months
5 Construction of New Warehouse Arabian Contarcting Co ACC, Dammam Construction of New Warehouse for Al Jumaih Agency at Ras Tanura which involved Structural Steel Fabrication, Fiber Glass Roofing and Insulation, Corrugated Sheet Fixtures, Construction of New Store Room and Show Room Ras Tanura 8 months
6 KHUFF Condensate Utilization Project Saudi Aramco S.A. Kent Co.Ltd Carried out Project Instrumentation work, Electrical work, Excavation for cable Trench. Cable Laying, Backfilling, Compaction and Cable Termination. RT Refinery 4 months
7 Stabilisers T&I Cord Stabilizer Plant #3 Saudi Aramco Hadi Al Hammam Group Supply of Manpower and Equipment for T&I work at Plant #3 Abqaiq 2 months
8 Removal of Soil SATEC-WO-T0108 Petrokemya Polethylene Project Saudi Toyo Engineering Supply of Manpower and Equipment for Removal and Disposal of Excavated soil & Other types of Debris Jubail 6 months
9 Dismantle Leaded Tanks CREST Co. CREST Co. Deployed Manpower and Equipments to Dismantle Contaminated Leaded Tanks along with Accessories and Remove Existing Foundation. Jubail 6 months
10 Erection of Warehouse Saudi Methanol Co. Saudi Methanol Co. Erection of Steel Structures for Warehouse along with Roofing and Insulation Work] Jubail 6 months
11 Erection of Office Bldg, Saffaniya Saudi Aramco S.A. Kent Co.Ltd Construction of Office Building at Saffaniya Facilities Saffaniya 4 months
12 Renovation SRMD, RT Refinery Saudi Aramco Hadi Al Hammam Group Renovation of SRMD Building at Ras Tanura Refinery Ras Tanura 4 months
13 Fab SS Urea Solution Tanks MMG MMG Fabrication, Erection, Inspection and Testing of Stainless Steel Urea Solution Tanks Jubail 3 months
14 Install Inverter & Panel Boards Saudi Aramco Nuqtan Trading Install of Inverter & Panel Boards at Communication Building 900 Dhahran 3 months
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