Industrial Acoustical Enclosures

So, What is an Acoustic Enclosure?

An Acoustic Enclosure is nothing else but an Custom Built Designed Housing for respective Equipments emitting Noise Levels more and above the minimum Noise levels and as a result will absorb the emitted sounds through an acoustical placed medium between the external and internal sheeting of the Acoustical panels and therefore acts as a barrier to the high noise emissions from an equipment and as a result would dissipate the noise levels outside the Acoustical Enclosure to normal human hearing levels. Through this any Human could stand outside the Enclosure without being prone to High level Sound emissions.

The acoustic enclosure comprises of collapsible type Acoustic Wall and Roof Panels assembled on bolted structure. The enclosure will be provided with soundproof doors and glass windows in adequate numbers. To take away the heat built up inside the enclosure, forced ventilation package with ventilation exhaust blower, ventilation intake silencer and ventilation exhaust silencer will be provided. The openings that are required for piping, cables etc., will be acoustically sealed. Provisions for electrical and firefighting system shall also be made. The construction mode of these Acoustic Enclosures is constructed in such a way so that there could be easy maintenance and also smooth dismantling of the Enclosure.