Industrial Acoustical Doors

Acoustic Doors are heavy built customized products which is designed and manufactured to arrest and absorb Noise emissions that recur on both inside the chamber as well as outside the chamber in which the Acoustical Doors are installed. Custom Built Design for accessories such as Door Latch, Hinges and Door Glass is carried out to ensure quality and performance based on the nature of client requirement.

Acoustic Doors are manufactured to Standard Dimensions as well as based on Client requirement as well. These Doors could guarantee a Noise Reduction of 15 dBA to 20 dBA at 1 meter distance from the External portion of the Chamber where the Acoustical Door has been installed.

Our Facility:-

  • We endure a facility of 5000 Sq.m with designated Fabrication area, Tools and Tackles, Store Space, Material Handling area, Blasting and Painting Area along with Vehicle Parking Area.
  • We possess Technical Personnel in our Design & Engineering Department who provide professional Design to meet the required performance level of the Acoustic Enclosures with respect to the required conditions at site.
  • We have a Store Station which is almost 2000 Sq.m which handles all the Consumable items, Minimum Stock Level and transaction of Machinery and Equipments during the Fabrication process.
  • Also we do possess qualified technical manpower who support in manufacturing of the Enclosures at the required Quality levels.
  • We possess quality personnel who will carry out In House Inspection of the Material at our works and also entertain Third Party Inspection if preferred by Clients.
  • We possess well maintained Equipments required for fabrication of Acoustic Enclosures.