Industrial Noise Control

We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as FKCL – Future of Kingdom Company Limited, a new member competing at global levels in the field of Industrial Noise Control Equipment’s. As such we undertake Design & Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Inspection and Supply of Acoustic Enclosures for Industrial Turbine Modules, All Types of Industrial Blowers, All Types of Engines and High Power Generators as well

What does Acoustics got to do with the Industry?

Yes, Acoustics means dealing with Sound and many of us would be under the assumption that Acoustics would relate to Musical backgrounds however Acoustics do play a far more major role in the Industrial levels. As you see there are many sources in an Industry through which Noise is being generated at various levels. For example an Engine would produce a Noise emission level of 105 decibels, a turbine would produce a Noise Level emission of 120 decibels, an industrial Blower would produce a Noise emission level of 105 decibels and so on which if you refer the Industrial Noise Control norms is indeed harmful to the Human Ear. That’s where the Acoustical role of implementing Noise Control Equipment’s which would reduce the Noise emission levels which would not prove harmful or damage the Human Ear. If the human ear continues to be prone to Noise levels which are very much on the higher side it would lead to Hyper-tension, Destruction on the Human Nervous system, Damage of Brain cells and affect Human behavior in certain cases in the long run.

On the contrary we all know that Safety is the prime aspect in any ISO certified or OSHA certified organizations. Hence, the need to serve the Environment as well as safeguard the Personnel prone to such zones is our prime goal in providing a Quality product through state of the art and professional service as well.